Price of Individual Pencil Portraits:  $85 (8" x 10" on Metal )

Pencil portraits by our resident sketch artist Percy Cabot are rendered on metal 8” x 10” ready to hang without a frame.  Percy insists on working only from photographs of high professional quality.  He almost always refuses to work from snapshots furnished by clients.  A mini photo session (usually less than 20 minutes) to create the image from which Percy will work is included in the price.  The photographer and sketch artist, incidentally, may or may not be the same person.  Delivery can usually be expected within two weeks.  Percy will not do group portraits in pencil.

Book Illustration by Percy Cabot

The illustrations and page decorations shown below are from the novella The Chosen Profession of Jade Stonecalf: Adventures of a Fille de Joie by Trudy Silverheels.

Book Illustrations in pencil are priced thus:  $75 for the first sketch and $50 for each additional sketch (plus expenses agreed to in advance, such as travel, studio rental, modeling fees, costumes, etc.).  Artwork will be delivered electronically via internet.   

Page Decorations (inanimate objects only), if there be a minimum of 8 such, are $35 each (delivered electronically).
NOTE:  Use of artwork is restricted to book or magazine illustration and for the purpose of promoting that title for which the illustration was created.   Any other use is an egregious violation of copyright and strictly forbidden.
© Copyright B G Johnson