Architectural Photography

Price of Industrial & Commercial Photography:  $150/Hour

For industrial, product, or architectural photography (including model portfolios), we charge $150 per hour plus any agreed-upon expenses (such as travel, studio rental, props and costumes, modeling fees).  This price is based on shooting time only, not the time spent afterward making reasonable corrections (such as color, exposure, minor dodging and burning, and perspective adjustment).  Finished high-resolution images will be delivered electronically via internet, fully corrected and adjusted as needed.  We promise a quick turnaround.  Prints from industrial/commercial shoots are available on demand at a 50% discount.

NOTE:  Extensive special effects light-room work will be charged at $150 per hour.  

Product Photography

Artists and craftsmen regularly engage us to make high-resolution images of their creations for print and online advertising, for catalogues, or for posting to their websites and their Etsy stores.
You might be surprised how many photographs can be made in an hour when the client is well organized and helps us to move the process along steadily.
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