Casual, informal, or street portraits enjoy two major advantages over more-traditional studio portraits.  First, they are more affordable, for there is no need to book a studio.  Second, informal portraits are necessarily more natural than formal ones, capturing more honestly the subject's personality.  Whitecrow Studios' fine-art photographers excel at street portraits.  However, if a formal studio is required,  we can do that too.

Price of Individual Casual Portrait:  $130 (11" x 14")

Informal or casual photographic portraits (made in your home or workplace or out in public) may require a shooting session of up to an hour.  A shooting fee of $130 is due before the shoot commences and compensates the artist for his time.  A presentation print (11”x 14” on metal, ready to hang without a frame) is our gift to you.  Additional prints in any size can be ordered later. 

Price of Group Casual Portrait:  $225 (16" x 20")

For group portraits (portraits of more than one individual), we charge an additional $95.  The same applies to animals.  Group portraits and portraits with animals in them often take longer than one hour; so set aside plenty of time.  Your portraitist will not quit until he is fully satisfied.  The first print we deliver will be 16” x 20” (rather than 11” x 14”) on metal ready to hang without a frame.
PLEASE NOTE:  We do not show proofs for clients to choose from.  We are not traditional photographers, who, after all, seem to consider themselves to be mere tradesmen, or at best, artisans.  We, like Rembrandt, Goya, and Sargent, are portrait artists.  Our preferred medium just happens to be photography.  We insist upon choosing the exposure that we can be most proud to sign our names to.  Outtakes will be permanently deleted.  Don't bother asking to see them.
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