Years ago in East Texas, there was a photography studio with this sign in the window: “Where there’s beauty, we take it. Where there is none, we make it.”  This is NOT our motto.  While it is always our intention to show our subjects at their very best, we make no effort to unrealistically flatter anyone.  We feel that a portraitist’s highest calling is to capture the true appearance and personality of his subject.  Our aim is to show you as your friends and family are used to seeing you, not as you might prefer them to.  In every community, there are countless traditional photographers prepared to rise to the challenge of making each customer appear as glamorous as a movie star.  If that is what you are hoping for, then you will not be pleased with what we do for you.  

Price of Individual Studio Portrait:  $210 (11" x 14")

The price of a formal studio portrait is $210 and includes a presentation print 11" x 14" on polished aluminum, ready to hang without a frame.  The actual studio where we usually shoot formal portraits is Houston Warehouse Rental Studio at 1506 Lorraine Street in Northside Village (77009)

Price of Group Studio Portrait:  $305 (16" x 20")

For group portraits (portraits of more than one individual), we charge an additional $95.  The same applies to animals.  Group portraits and portraits with animals in them often take longer than one hour; so set aside plenty of time.  Your portraitist will not quit until he is fully satisfied.   The presentation print we deliver will be 16”x 20” (rather than 11” x 14”) on metal ready to hang without a frame.
PLEASE NOTE:  We do not show proofs for clients to choose from.  We are not traditional photographers, who, after all, seem to consider themselves to be mere tradesmen, or at best, artisans.  We, like Rembrandt, Goya, and Sargent, are portrait artists.   Our preferred medium just happens to be photography.   We insist upon choosing the exposure that we can be most proud to sign our names to.  Outtakes will be permanently deleted.
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